Frequently asked questions

If you are not satisfied with the GrowKit, please get in touch with the store or website where you purchased the GrowKit. The purpose of GrowKit.com is to inform consumers about the products and provides instructions. GrowKit.com is not accountable for delivery and/or sales of the products by third parties. On this website we have tips & tricks to successfully grow your own Magic Mushrooms.
The best conditions for growing Magic Mushrooms can be found in nature. The most mushrooms grow during autumn. In this period of the year there are moderate temperatures and light and rainfall. The Magic Mushrooms will flourish under these conditions. Therefore we advise to (1) put the GrowKit on a place where there is no direct (sun)light, (2) put the GrowKit in a humid environment which get some mist everyday and (3) keep the GrowKit in room temperature (20-22 degrees Celsius). Too much warmth, light and moist may be harmful for the mushroom. Be patient and nature will do the rest!
A heating mat is used to create a greenhouse effect in the grow bag. Mushrooms like a humid environment. However, using a heating mat might cause a too high temperature. A too high temperature is not good for the mushrooms. We advise to discard the heating mat and set up the GrowKit in room temperature (20-22 degrees Celsius).

The most GrowKits have mushrooms after 3-4 weeks. However it is possible that growing your Magic Mushrooms takes longer. Be patient, also in nature there are differences and you will see some mushrooms grow faster than others. There are multiple conditions that have an effect on the growth (for example: air, temperature, light etc.).

A green GrowKit (or parts of it) indicates that the GrowKit is contaminated. The GrowKit is exposed to wrong moulds. Unfortunately, the GrowKit can’t be used anymore. Contamination is mostly caused due to incorrect use. Possible causes are:

  • Setting up the GrowKit in a dirty environment.
  • A too high ‘infection pressure’ in the environment. For example a fruit bowl in the proximity of the GrowKit.
  • Spraying/misting the GrowKit with dirty/contaminated water.
  • Suffocation. Suffocation might occur when the grow bag is not opened daily, when the air strip on top of the GrowKit is blocked before setting up the GrowKit or when the GrowKit is bruised/bumped.

The psychoactive substances of the Magic Mushroom are psilocybin and psilocin. When a Magic Mushroom is bruised then the mushroom will develop a blue colour. The psychoactive substances are getting to the surface of the mushroom and are therefore visible.

A GrowKit that is yellow/brown and smells musty is probably not stored cooled or lacked fresh air. Put the GrowKit in the refrigerator for a night and set it up as described in the instructions. Make sure the environment and tools are as clean as possible in order to prevent contamination.