In the rustic province Gelderland, in the small towns Alphen and Dreumel, we prepare the GrowKits. True craftsmen guide this process; they are involved in every step of the process. This way we can supply the best quality.


We have 7 different GrowKits. The Mexican, Thai, Colombian, Ecuadorian, McKennaii, Golden Teacher and our newest GrowKit: the Albino!


The process of making a GrowKit costs about a month. While making the GrowKits every step is crucial. It begins with the planting of a spore then the fungus has to grow. This has to be closely monitored. We make the GrowKits in our own unique way, because of this the mushrooms are of extremely good quality.

Quality Assurance

Attention and hygiene are crucial in the whole process. This is to avoid contamination. Through constant alertness, attention and passion for the profession, infection will therefore hardly ever place.

Constant monitoring ensure us to always delivers the best quality.